Sunday, April 3, 2016

Creamy sweet pineapple chill 2sp or simply filling

Made this tonight and to me it's just as good as ice cream and a lot better for me!

Creamy sweet pineapple chill 2sp or simply filling

1/2c fat free cottage cheese

1/2c of partially frozen pineapple I have used other frozen fruit and it all works great.
(Allow to sit at room temperature just so it's about 1/2 frozen so it will blend well)

sweetener to taste.

I put all in my bullet to blend until the consistency of ice cream.


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Pearls of Wisdom and Food said...

I wish the stores would hurry up and open~!~ I can't wait to make this. I have lots of bags of frozen fruit in the fridge, and this will be a perfect nummmy to end the day. My bullet wants some action, too. Thanks Suzanne... as we both get more snow dumped on us, think of the hot summer night?? can we say PERFECT~!~ Sarah

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